How long should the paper-pencil testing take?

Please see the Assessment Sequence Tables for recommended timeframes.

When will I be able to view scores for my students in the Online Reporting System?

Paper tests will be scored in late April and May, and then go through the normal process of data cleanup and validation. The student results will appear in the system once the results data from scoring has been loaded. We expect this to happen in late May – early June. A more specific date will be provided in April.

How will I receive a score report for my students?

Your students’ individual score reports will be available for download from the Online Reporting System. In addition, a paper copy of the report will be mailed to you when testing is complete and all results data has been validated by the Department of Public Instruction. The exact date is not yet determined.

What is the Special Handling envelope for?

The Special Handling envelope is to be used for materials in which there is a situation that you are unsure of how to resolve or if there are any issues with the documents. Contact the NDSA Service Center (1-800-929-3757) with any questions.

Do I need to return any scratch paper that my students used during testing?

Yes. Please use the Return of Scratch Paper envelope to return these materials. You should have received an appropriate amount of these envelopes to correspond with the size of your order. If you didn’t receive one or need more, please follow the same procedure for placing an additional materials order.

How do I schedule a UPS pickup for my test materials?

If your school has a regularly scheduled UPS pickup, you may return your testing materials during this regularly occurring pickup.

If you need to schedule a UPS pickup, contact the NDSA Service Center (1-800-929-3757). Requests made after 11:00am Central Time will require the pickup to be made the second business day after the request is received. Be prepared to provide the following information:
a. Tracking number on one of your UPS Return Service Label(s)
b. Contact name and phone number
c. Pickup date and location (school or building address)
d. Total number of boxes being returned

How do I return my test materials?

  1. Test materials are secure and therefore all materials need to be shipped back to Measured Progress within three days after your school completes testing. Once your materials are ready to be returned, schedule a UPS pickup to ship them. Your pickup should be scheduled no later than April 18.
  2. Used answer documents need to be placed in the Return of Used Answer Documents envelope.
  3. Scratch paper needs to be placed in the Return of Scratch Paper Envelope.
  4. For documents with issues (such as damage, mislabeling, swapped between students, etc.), use the Special Handling envelope.
  5.  All other test materials should be repacked in their original boxes.

How do I return my completed PCPA form?

You may scan and email your completed PCPA to the NDSA Service Center, or you may return a signed copy with your return test materials shipment.

Where can I obtain a PCPA form?

A copy of the PCPA form was included in your shipment of paper pencil materials. A PDF version is available for download on the NDSA Portal resources.

How do I fill out a PCPA form?

Instructions for completing the PCPA are located on the form. It is important that all the necessary information is entered in the appropriate area. All accurate counts must be entered in the boxes indicated.

You will also be required to enter the start date for your school’s test administration. The form must then be signed by an appropriate representative from your school. Please make a copy of all completed forms to keep for your records and to send to your district test coordinator, as required.

This form must be completed after testing has finished but before UPS comes to pick up your materials.