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FAQ - AccessibilityAccessibility

  • Any time prior to student testing.

  • Universal tools are access features of the assessment that are either provided as digitally- delivered components of the test administration system or separate from it. Universal tools are available to all students based on student preference and selection. The digitally- delivered assessments include a wide array of embedded universal tools. These are available to all students as part of the technology platform. Some universal tools may need to be provided outside of the computer test administration system (non-embedded). 

    Designated supports  for the NDSA assessments are those features that are available for use by any student  for whom the need has been indicated by an educator (or team of educators with parent/guardian and student). Designated supports need to be identified prior to assessment administration. Embedded and non- embedded supports are initially uploaded  into the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) by the state.  It is the responsibility of the SC or TA to update supports for a student as needed prior to testing.

    Accommodations are changes in procedures or materials that increase equitable access during the assessments. Assessment accommodations generate valid assessment results for students who need them; they allow these students to show what they know and can do. North Dakota have identified digitally-embedded and non-embedded accommodations for students for whom there is documentation of the need for the accommodations on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 accommodation plan. Embedded and non- embedded accommodations are initially uploaded into the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) by the state. It is the responsibility of the SC or TA to update approved accommodations for a student as needed prior to testing.

    For further explanation of Universal Tools, Designated Tools, and Accommodations please see the ND Accessibility Manual found at:

  • Yes, you will find them on the .xlxs or .csv format called StudentSettingsTemplate that can be downloaded from TIDE.

FAQ - AIR Test Delivery SystemsAIR Test Delivery Systems

  • TIDE stands for "Test Information Distribution Engine." The TIDE system provides administrators with the tools to add and manage users and students participating in the ELA and Math NDSA assessments.

  • TDS stands for "Test Delivery System." It is the online testing system that will be used for the training tests and during the test administration.

FAQ - General InformationGeneral Information

  • The portal provides links, resources, and tools to help students and educators take full advantage of American Institutes for Research (AIR) assessment systems.

FAQ - Training TestsTraining Tests

FAQ - Roles for Test AdministrationRoles for Test Administration

FAQ - ScoringScoring

FAQ - Test AdministrationTest Administration

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