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2017-18 NDSA ELA Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-ELA-Blueprint-Final.xlsx
Updated March 30, 2018
2017-18 NDSA ELA Blueprint
2017-18 NDSA Math Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-Math-Blueprint-Final.xlsx
Updated March 30, 2018
2017-18 NDSA Math Blueprint
2017-2018 NDSA Factsheet /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-Factsheet-2017-2018-4-24-18.pdf
Updated April 24, 2018

This factsheet contains important information about the 20172018 North Dakota State Assessments (NDSA).

NDSA ELA Proficiency Levels /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-ELA-Proficiency-Levels.pdf
Updated September 04, 2018

English Language Arts NDSA Cut Scores

NDSA Math Proficiency Levels /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-Math-Proficiency-Levels.pdf
Updated September 04, 2018

Mathematics NDSA Cut Scores

NDSA Participation rules and Non-participation codes /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Participation-Rules-Non-participation-Codes-5-01-18.pdf
Updated May 01, 2018
Provides information on participation rules and non-participation codes.
NDSA Proposed Testing Times /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Proposed-Testing-Times_2.26.18.pdf
Updated February 26, 2018
Recommendations for NDSA Testing Times for Spring 2018 Test Administration.
Standard Operating Procedures for Viewing the NDSA 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/SOP-for-Viewing-the-NDSA-2017-2018_03.20.2018.pdf
Updated March 20, 2018

The purpose of this document is to provide a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for districts and schools that receive requests for the viewing the North Dakota State Assessment (NDSA) 2017-2018 for ELA and Mathematics.

Student Report Interpretive Guide ELA /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Student-Report-Interpretive-Guide1.pdf
Updated August 28, 2018
Sample student report interpretive guide.
Student Report Interpretive Guide Math /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND_ORS_ISR-Math-Guide.pdf
Updated August 29, 2018
Sample student interpretive guide for Math.