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Grade 3 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-3_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
Grade 4 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-4_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
Grade 5 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-5_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
Grade 6 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-6_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
Grade 7 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-7_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
Grade 8 Writing Scoring Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/Grade-8_Writing-Scoring-Guide.pdf
These guides provide sample writing responses at a variety of score points, along with explanations of the scores as related to the rubric.  
NDSA ELA Proficiency Levels /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-ELA-Proficiency-Levels.pdf
Updated September 04, 2018

English Language Arts NDSA Cut Scores

NDSA Math Proficiency Levels /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-Math-Proficiency-Levels.pdf
Updated September 04, 2018

Mathematics NDSA Cut Scores

Student Report Interpretive Guide /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA_ISR-Guide.pdf
Updated February 24, 2020

This interpretive guide is designed to help educators, parents, students, the public, and others understand NDSA student results.

*This report, when used in electronic format, is ADA compliant. It is the responsibility of the school to provide needed accessibility tools and resources when sharing information with students and parents.