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AIRWays Reporting for Summative Assessments /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-AIRWays-Reporting-for-SUM_FINAL_with-audio.pptx
Updated January 29, 2020

This training module is based on the AIRWays Reporting System User Guide for Summative Assessments, 2019-2020, which is available on your state’s assessment portal.

Monitoring Test Progress and Data Cleanup /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-TIDE-Monitoring-Test-Progress-and-Data-Cleanup_FINAL_with-audio.pptx
Updated January 29, 2020
In this training module you will learn the tasks you can perform during TIDE’s administration and after testing is complete.
NDSA Administering Tests /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/NDSA-Administering-Tests_Updated_2020_FINAL_with-audio.pptx
Updated January 23, 2020
This presentation includes details of the Test Administrator (TA) Interface that you will use to administer online tests. Please consult the NDSA portal for additional information.
TIDE Logging in and Managing Users and Students /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-TIDE-Logging-in-and-Managing-Users-Students_FINAL_with-audio.pptx
Updated February 06, 2020
This training module includes many examples of TIDE’s features. The TIDE User Guide on your state’s portal has additional information about features in your state's version of TIDE.
TIDE Managing Student Test Settings /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-TIDE-Managing-Student-Test-Settings_2020_FINAL_with-audio.pptx
Updated January 23, 2020
This training module will explain features of managing student test settings.
Universal Features /core/fileparse.php/2022/urlt/ND-Universal-Features-2020_FINAL.pptx
Updated March 16, 2020
In this training module, you will learn the various universal features available in the Test Delivery System (TDS).